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Send Sun Cell Phone Loads to the Philippines/ It’s so Easy!

Philippine Loads


Are your friends and family in the Philippines Sun telecom subscribers? There are ways to send Sun cell phone and broadband load to the Philippines that could be accessed by users both in Philippines and abroad. With millions of loyal subscribers, Sun is one of the most widely used telecom providers in the Philippines. Because of its affordable deals and stable service, most Filipinos find Sun’s services the most convenient and reliable.

If you need to send Sun loads to the Philippines fast, you can do so through the efficient internet reloading sites with easy steps that lets you reload fast. Philippine Loads is available for overseas users who would want to send Sun and many other loads to the Philippines. These services are available to users from the US, UK, Canada, and Japan and can provide load for Sun users as well as for other networks. Load can be sent quickly through our website with the contact receiving the load in just minutes in most cases. Once you’ve accessed the website, you simply enter the recipient’s cell phone number, the amount of load that you want to send and check out. It is that simple.

To those who are looking for a fast way to send Sun load to the Philippines, Philippine Loads will do it fast for you without hidden charges or delays. You can pay through your credit cards via Paypal, and as you know, Paypal is secured so you don’t have to worry about sudden charges and security issues. So, if you want to send Sun load to the Philippines, doing it through our online loading site is the most efficient way. By just logging in to your PC, your loved ones will be able to receive the load you have sent quickly. Send Sun load to the Philippines quickly to stay in touch with your contacts and relatives back home. People in the Philippines are dependent on texting when it comes to communicating with their distant loved ones. Truly, your contacts would be thankful to you for sending them load.


Prepaid Broadband Wireless available in the Philippines

Send Broadband Loads to the Philippines

Like so many in the Philippines, there is the need to stay connected to family, friends, business associates and to do research online. Most of the time people take their laptop and hope for a reliable connection at the place where we are staying or visiting. The best alternative is prepaid broadband wireless from either Smart or Sun networks. Smarts wirless program is known as Smartbro, and Sun is referred to as Sun Broadband Wireless. Both of these companies offer prepaid wireless Internet that allows you to surf the Internet on your laptop or your desktop at home. The best part is there is no monthly recurring service fee, because it is a prepaid setup. To get started, there is an upfront charge for the hardware which includes a preloaded sim card so you can start using the wireless Internet right away. Included is a Broadband USB wireless card that you plug into your laptop or the back of our desktop and you’re ready to log on to the Internet. As mentioned, prepaid wireless requires no monthly fees and you don’t need to submit any personal documentation to purchase the desired prepaid broadband kit, just go to any Smart or Sun Wireless Center, agent or dealer and easily get your very own Prepaid Broadband Kit. Once purchased, all that is required is keeping a balance on the sim card, and wherever the person is located, they can log on to the internet. For those with loved ones in the Philippines, offers a great way for you to send loads to those with either of these broadband services. You can’t beat the convenience, Sun and Smart offer a better rate per hour than most Internet Cafes, in spite of the initial equipment costs and you can’t beat the comfort of surfing the Internet from your laptop, or desktop in your dormitory, home or bedroom. For more information you can go to our website,


The Fastest and most Secure way to Send Loads to the Philippines

If you would like to send load to the Philippines, we offer the easiest method on the internet. Just type in the recipients cell or account number and add to cart. It’s that simple! We do the rest. A “Load” by the way is the Filipino term for mobile phone credits that avid “texters” or SMS users need to constantly replenish. Scratch cards are readily available throughout the Philippines, but for most it can be inconvenient especially if a person runs out of a load in the middle of the night. is by far the best way to send load to the Philippines. There are many online reloading websites that provide offers for those who want to send load to their loved ones and business contacts in the Philippines. The service provided by is by far the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to do so. We cater to Smart, Sun, and Globe users, so it is very convenient to send load to the Philippines through our website. The method of payment is also very convenient because it can be done with credit or debit cards through Paypal. If you’re going to use our reloading site to send load, you no longer have to worry whether or not the load will be delivered, because we guarantee it will arrive in a timely manor to the receiving party. Our service is available Worldwide for those wanting to send load to the Philippines. So if you want to send a load to your loved ones in the Philippines, you should give us a try. We offer the best deals at the fastest turn around time possible for all of our products. In addition to cell phone loads, we offer Broadband through Smartbro and Sun Broadband Wireless. Another great product we offer on our website is ABS-CBN TFC Now which allows people all over the world the opportunity to watch Filipino TV. If you are searching for a prepaid load that does not appear on our site, just send us an email through our contact page, and let us know what product you desire. We have access to over 300 prepaid products and services in the Philippines.


Send Cell and Broadband Loads to Loved Ones in the Philippines.

Whether you’re looking for Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular prepaid loads, or even if you want to buy prepaid credits to watch ABS_CBN TV from anywhere in the world, you can now enjoy the convenience of online shopping with
You can buy your prepaid credits via credit card using Paypal. It’s so convenient, because the loads will be sent straight to your loved ones cell phone in the Philippines. You are in good hands with us, because all we do is sell prepaid loads. Here are examples of eloads offered: Smart Bro, Sun Broadband, Red Wireless, Globe, Bayantel, SMART Load, Globelines, Dream Satellite TV, Talk N Text, and much, much more. In fact, we offer over 300 products so chances are we will have the load you are searching for.
Ordering cell phone loads for those residing in the Philippines is a very easy process. Simply enter the receiving parties cell phone number in the space provided and push the “Add to Cart” button. It’s that simple! If you would like to send the same load to more than one cell phone, just separate the numbers with a comma. Quantities can be updated at checkout.
Accepted Philippine # Formats:
When ordering broadband, simply include the receiving party’s account number associated with the network’s broadband SIM card. The receiving party must already have an existing broadband account to send a load. The account will automatically be credited and the credit will appear after logging in with the broadband device.
For ordering ABS-CBN TV, Just click the “Add to Cart” button and enter the recipient’s email address in the space provided. Once the transaction is complete, an email will be sent to the address with the eload card number(s) and pin(s).

What are you waiting for? Go and buy your Philippine prepaid cards today at

Filipino TV ABS-CBN TFCnow is available worldwide

What is TFCnow?

TFCnow is an internet-based video on-demand & live streaming subscription service that provides access to the latest news & entertainment shows of ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ largest media network.

What is a TFCnow Prepaid Load?

Philippine eloads allows you to use TFCnow Prepaid Load to subscribe to any TFCnow package. It is instant, convenient and safe. With TFCnow Prepaid Load, it is easier to load up credits and use these credits to subscribe to the wide array of TFCnow products.

What are the advantages of TFCnow Prepaid Load over Premium Edition Package?

  • Its a wallet system, just consume what you need. For example, you just want to watch a show for 1 day. Just subscribe to that show using your Prepaid Load, then the rest of your Prepaid Amount can still be used some other day or for other shows.
  • Priced lower than the Premium Edition Package.
  • More choices in shows.

What is needed for this service? 

All you need is a computer & an internet connection to experience TFCnow. Watch ABS-CBN anywhere in the world through your computer!

Watching your favorite ABS-CBN shows on your computer is easy & catching up with the shows you have missed is now possible with our vast archive of television episodes! So enjoy your favorite shows anytime you want, only here on TFCnow.!



You get unlimited access to your favorite ABS-CBN shows anytime, at your convenience.

Live Streaming

You can watch live streams of the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) and DZMM Teleradyo & listen to the FM Station DWRR 101.9  

Visit our website at for more details and information.

Send Cell and Broadband Loads to the Philippines

Send Cell and Broadband Loads to the Philippines.

Send Cell and Broadband Loads to the Philippines


We are in the business of bringing your family, friends and loved ones in the Philippines closer together.

Regardless of where you are in the world, whether it be in the United States, South America, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia, Africa, Europe, or the Middle East. You can easily keep in touch with someone special in the Philippines, there’s no better way than sending them an eload. We currently only load cell phones which are currently located in the Philippines. With the exception of our ABS-CBN TV service which is available worldwide.

You can send eloads for cellphone minutes, Broadband minutes, or even watch Filipino TV from anywhere in the world by purchasing through No matter the cell network, whether it be Globe, Smart or Sun we can provide your needs. We have access to over 300 load products in the Philippines. Our site only has the most popular, however; if there is a particular load product you are searching for, just contact us and we will promptly reply with our pricing.