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Prepaid Broadband Wireless available in the Philippines

April 11, 2012

Send Broadband Loads to the Philippines

Like so many in the Philippines, there is the need to stay connected to family, friends, business associates and to do research online. Most of the time people take their laptop and hope for a reliable connection at the place where we are staying or visiting. The best alternative is prepaid broadband wireless from either Smart or Sun networks. Smarts wirless program is known as Smartbro, and Sun is referred to as Sun Broadband Wireless. Both of these companies offer prepaid wireless Internet that allows you to surf the Internet on your laptop or your desktop at home. The best part is there is no monthly recurring service fee, because it is a prepaid setup. To get started, there is an upfront charge for the hardware which includes a preloaded sim card so you can start using the wireless Internet right away. Included is a Broadband USB wireless card that you plug into your laptop or the back of our desktop and you’re ready to log on to the Internet. As mentioned, prepaid wireless requires no monthly fees and you don’t need to submit any personal documentation to purchase the desired prepaid broadband kit, just go to any Smart or Sun Wireless Center, agent or dealer and easily get your very own Prepaid Broadband Kit. Once purchased, all that is required is keeping a balance on the sim card, and wherever the person is located, they can log on to the internet. For those with loved ones in the Philippines, offers a great way for you to send loads to those with either of these broadband services. You can’t beat the convenience, Sun and Smart offer a better rate per hour than most Internet Cafes, in spite of the initial equipment costs and you can’t beat the comfort of surfing the Internet from your laptop, or desktop in your dormitory, home or bedroom. For more information you can go to our website,


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